Numerically normal is not functionally normal. Engaging these ill people as if they were functional members of your society only encourages them and fuels the real pandemic, which is mental.

Most important meme since the first 9-11 meme

This is our #400 meme and the most important meme you’ve seen since the first 9/11 meme. Because the medical issue is even secondary to the slavery / consent one. With your consent there goes any hope for safety, self-defense and self-determination. You’re live-stock. That’s why it’s kept outside the Overton Window and the awakening-wanna-be’s are programmed to munch on Wuhan and PCR fodder. Which they do.
That’s like commenting on the taste of the condom used to rape you.
If you keep being a moron and following every pied piper with a big sound rig, every bioweapon pimp and every ‘screen savior’ you gonna die and society will rule it a suicide. Unlike Epstein’s death who surely fought more for his life – SILVIEW.media