Most important meme since the first 9-11 meme

This is our #400 meme and the most important meme you’ve seen since the first 9/11 meme. Because the medical issue is even secondary to the slavery / consent one. With your consent there goes any hope for safety, self-defense and self-determination. You’re live-stock. That’s why it’s kept outside the Overton Window and the awakening-wanna-be’s are programmed to munch on Wuhan and PCR fodder. Which they do.
That’s like commenting on the taste of the condom used to rape you.
If you keep being a moron and following every pied piper with a big sound rig, every bioweapon pimp and every ‘screen savior’ you gonna die and society will rule it a suicide. Unlike Epstein’s death who surely fought more for his life – SILVIEW.media